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TOMB RAIDER THEME - Peter Connelly : Composer

Tomb Raider Chronicles is set just days after the events of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. After the Temple of Horus had caved in, effectively entombing Lara, she is presumed dead. A memorial service is held, soon after which Winston Smith and Father Patrick Dunstan reveal that Werner von Croy is excavating the dilapidated temple in the hope of discovering her alive. Later at Croft Manor, three old associates of Lara's - Winston Smith, Father Patrick Dunstan and Charles Kane - reminisce some of her past adventures. The first of which is situated in Rome, where Lara is searching for the fabled Philosopher's Stone. Pierre DuPont and Larson Conway are reintroduced and we learn that they are, too, after the Stone.

 The second adventure entails Lara on the hunt for the famed Spear of Destiny. She encounters a Mafioso gang leader, Mikhailov, who is also after the Spear. Lara retrieves the Spear from the Ocean floor but is apprehended by a couple of Mikhailov's men. She warns him not to use the Spear as he has no idea of the powers it could unleash. However, he disregards her warnings as desperate attempts to attain the Spear. Mikhailov is inflicted with its power and the submarine hull is breached. Lara escapes and leaves the Spear to rest.

The third adventure is set in Lara's childhood on Black Isle of Ireland. She is staying with Winston but overhears him and Father Patrick Dunstan conversing about strange paranormal happenings on the island. She stows away on the small boat Father Patrick drives to the island and encounters many strange beings such as the Hanging Corpse, Changelings, a monster intent on chasing and killing her, the Grim Reaper, ghosts and the Demon Verdilet. The fourth and final expedition involves Lara infiltrating a high-tech complex owned by none other than Werner von Croy in pursuit of the Iris artifact, an artifact Lara sees as her own from the beginning events of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. After the fourth adventure is wrapped up, back in Egypt, Werner von Croy is excavating the collapsed temple. A young boy gets the attention of Werner and asks him to come and see. He follows. When he enters the tomb, he demands to see what they have found. It is Lara's backpack. He then declares: "We've found her!", presuming that Lara is alive.


The Tomb Raider Level Editor is a package of tools used to create game levels for The Last Revelation. Part of the package, the Room Editor, was used by the Core Design developers to create Tomb Raider levels.[5] A version of the level editor was released to the public in 2000, as a second disc with Tomb Raider Chronicles (PC version only), that allows the user to create levels for The Last Revelation.[6] Advancements[edit] The Level Editor came with several pre-set levels from previous installment, The Last Revelation along with textures from other Tomb Raider games. With the original package, level builders were limited only to these assets from the original The Last Revelation game. There was a second release of two more bundles that added to the range of experiences a builder could tailor, and later, a release of the moveable blocks that were missing. Over time, however, advancements have been made to allow level builders to customize their creations. Programs exist that facilitate the creation and integration of custom content. Fan-made programs and unofficial patches also became available that modify or replace the original engine provided. Such programs include TREP (or Tomb Raider Engine Patcher), and more recently TRNG, or Tomb Raider Next Generation. TREP serves to modify the original engine through patches.

 It is open source which allowed community involvement in adding features via DRACO patching. On the other hand, TRNG replaces the original TRLE.